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Create a Digital Marketing Strategy that Works

We can help you create a digital marketing strategy that is both actionable and detailed, based on your objectives. This is done by conducting detailed analyses of your current position, and your target audience.

The SWOT analysis will be the first step. It evaluates strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This will give you great insight into your business’s management, marketing effectiveness, and position in the market.

The outcome of audience research is likely to be the creation of buyer personas. The consultant will help you determine the best way to reach your audience via digital marketing. This could include their preferred channels.

We can help you determine the best platforms and strategies to target your business, as well as a list of tasks that will help grow it.


Develop a high-converting sales strategy

Do you want to increase sales? You can also get help from a digital marketing consultant to improve your advertising strategy.

Paid ads increase traffic and sales. Depending on your industry you can get $2 for every $1 you spend on Google Ads.

Google isn’t the only available advertising channel. Our consultants will help you determine the most effective advertising channel to get the highest ROI. This could be Google, native advertising, or paid social media ads.

They will also decide the other factors that make a campaign successful, such as audience segmentation and keywords, duration, budget, and so forth.

Our experts can help you plan effective ad campaigns from start to finish.


Establish Useful KPIs

Perhaps you already know what your marketing goals should be. How can you tell if your marketing goals are being met?

Our digital marketing consultants can help you determine which performance metrics and key performance indicators you should be tracking according to your goals and strategies.

They will help you to create a system that allows you to measure and report on your projects’ performance. They can also help you find the right software and analytics tools.

This will allow you to keep track of your business’s growth and make adjustments if necessary.

4. Get creative ideas

Working with a digital marketing consultant can be a great way to get a fresh perspective on your strategy.

They are experts in digital marketing and keep up to date with the latest trends. They can come up with innovative ideas to drive growth for your company.

A digital marketing consultant can be an enormous help if you are looking for something different like the ones above to increase your competitive edge.

Integritas Digital - We design, build and support digital technology
Integritas Digital - We design, build and support digital technology

5. Multichannel Growth

Digital marketing must be omnichannel. People come in contact with your brand at many touchpoints before purchasing. You can also reach more people through different channels.

Digital marketing experts are skilled in all aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, email marketing, and social media.

We can assist you in creating consistent campaigns across all marketing channels with a particular focus on channels that are most relevant to your target audience.

6. Digital Transformation

The goal of digital transformation is a top-of the-mind leadership objective. The proof points to continue investing in digital transformation must be more clear and focussed on the individual and blended experiences of customers, employees, and partners.

We are seeing the need for a shift in how we talk and act on digital transformation, especially for those of us who live and work in this digital age. Instead, we must focus our efforts on digitisation, creating and capturing value, and delivering tangible benefits as well as measurable ROI.

Integritas Digital - We design, build and support digital technology

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