Does Your Business Really Need A Mobile App?

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Does Your Business Really Need A Mobile App?

12 Questions to Ask

Many businesses create mobile apps to connect with customers as consumers are more connected on their smartphones. You want to make sure your investment in an app is worthwhile.

A mobile app is a valuable tool for many companies. However, some types of businesses may not need it. The members of Forbes Technology Council have shared their best insights to help determine if a mobile app is right choice for your company. Before you start your app development journey, be sure to ask these 12 questions.

1. Are You Considering An App Because Of ‘FOMO’?

The app market is saturated. With apps like Whatsapp and Instagram, people have realized that it is possible to make huge amounts of money by creating an app. This is very similar to 2000’s dot-com bubble, when everyone wanted to make something. Most businesses don’t need an app. Instead, they should be focusing on a mobile-friendly web design. Giuliano Senese and DX Medical Solutions B.V.

2. Is it Significantly Different from an Optimized Web Site?

It all depends on the nature of your company and how you interact with customers. A mobile-optimized site can often be as effective as an application. It requires fewer developers, takes less time to maintain, and is easier to build. Consider how your app would impact the user experience. Is it significantly different than an optimized website? If not, don’t do it. – Ron Cogburn, Exela Technologies

3. Are Internal Apps a way to be more competitive?

While not all businesses can benefit from app development, every company should have one. To compete, every company must be a software company. Companies are creating hundreds of internal apps to boost their competitiveness. These apps are able to solve internal business problems and can be found in the “shadow” market, which is well-kept. – Max Lynch, Ionic

4. How would daily interactions within your app look?

You need to think about how customers view daily interactions in order to determine if a mobile app would be beneficial for your industry or business. A mobile app might not be useful if you are in an industry that has limited interactions. – Brandon Mintz, Bitcoin Depot

5. Are Progressive Web Apps Better for You?

Progressive web apps (PWAs), are on the rise and getting better every day. PhoneGap, which used to create tools to help users manage multiple platforms, has announced its end of life. They cited PWAs for better solutions. However, there will be apps like gaming that can directly leverage system resources. These applications might prove to be more efficient. – Suresh Sambandam, Kissflow

6. Are we primarily in contact with people face-to-face?

A mobile app is not necessary for businesses that only interact with customers face-to-face. A mobile responsive website can be a great choice. It is quick and easy to use. A mobile app is also a great option if customers need to interact with sensitive data frequently (e.g. checking order status) then a mobile application may be necessary. – Nelson Cicchitto, Avatier Corporation

7. What is the End User’s Context

Make sure you consider the end user when designing a platform. Also, think about the context where they will interact with it. A mobile app is necessary if business users are mobile workers. Mobile apps are useful, but not essential, if users spend most of their time on their computers and need larger screens to access complex information. – Bradian Muliadi, | Social Commerce Intelligence

8. Is it possible to extend our selling workflow with an app?

A mobile app is a way to purchase, sell, and receive information. It is not an essential requirement. A mobile app is trendy in the new age. Companies can boast about it. However, not all industries require an app. A company’s selling process is already in place, so adding a mobile application is only an addition to their selling process. – Bhavna Juneja and Infinity are Stamford Technology Company.

9. Is it possible to solve this problem without a mobile app?

As a mobile application developer, I ask potential clients: “What is the problem we are trying to solve and can you solve it without a smartphone app?” Sometimes, mobile apps are created just for the sake of creating a mobile platform that organizations can boast about. These digital products should always have a clear purpose. This is true for any industry. Marc Fischer Dogtown Media LLC

10. Is It Possible to Provide a Valuable Online Experience Already?

An app is not necessary for any company that can deliver its products or services online. An app is unnecessary if you already deliver everything to your customers via your website and other online channels. Apps can only be useful if your customers cannot access them through other channels. – Thomas Griffin, OptinMonster

11. Is it possible to create a seamless transition between experiences?

A mobile app has almost become a requirement. It is a great way to reach more people and it makes it easier to do things with biometrics than typing in passwords. However, it is almost a way for companies that want to make a smooth transition. Every company wants to be mobile-friendly, regardless of whether they want it or not. – Lydia Miller, TATA Consultancy Services

12. How often do we communicate with our customers?

The industry you are in is not the only thing that matters when building an app for your business. It’s more about the people who use your product or service and the nature of the app. An app is not necessary if your business model doesn’t require users to communicate with you and your team often. It is a smart idea to create an app if your customers regularly communicate with you.