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The next Giant Platform?

You thought there was no doubt about who the giants of video content were. So you spent all your advertising dollars on Facebook and made deals with content creators through Instagram.

App Annie data found that TikTok users spend more time on it than YouTube users in the U.S. or U.K. Engagement on the Gen Z-dominated platform is on the rise.

For a long time, many brands have avoided the app and considered it less serious. They don’t understand the value it offers. Its 18% average engagement with micro-influencer content clearly shows that TikTok is not a joke.

Start the conversation with content.

TikTok’s success can be attributed to its “anti-Instagram” attitude. Its authentic, raw content and the lighthearted mixture of video and music are the perfect antidotes for the fake world of Instagram, which is often associated with depression.

It is important to keep your brand consistent, but also to produce authentic content. Your video shouldn’t be overproduced. Instead, engage in a conversation with your viewers, answer any questions, and follow the latest trends with a light, transparent voice.
Brands are reminded to follow the rule “Don’t make Ads, make TikToks” wherever they go on the platform. This unique combination of entertainment and advertising has helped users from all walks of life to find interest.
TikTok’s beauty is in its infancy, which means that brands have the first-mover advantage.
Instagram is slowly reducing its organic reach, just like Facebook. In 2019, when Instagram’s organic reach was around 20% for posts and 5% for stories, it has fallen even more. TikTok on the other side prioritizes solid organic reach, with virality being far more possible. Its algorithm takes engagement rate and watches time into account as key factors. TikTok knows that virality is what makes someone a fan of the platform. It doesn’t care how many followers they have.
Different formulas are used to achieve success. TikTok does not have a polished interface, no timestamps, and heavily relies on the “For You” page. It’s important to try different sound effects, especially the trending ones, as creating valuable content will increase your chances of being found.
TikTok is not the right place to announce your product launch or conduct Q&A sessions. Instead, create content that reflects your brand values and explains the why your company. Being authentic helps to build a connection.

Join the community of creators.

Influencers on TikTok have lower engagement than on other social media platforms. While creators can make money on TikTok by mastering the storytelling format and short videos, it is not easy to monetize one’s full potential. This is why they are actively looking to partner with brands.
TikTok Creator Marketplace allows you to prospect creators and find the best audiences for your campaign goals. You can then send a message with your offer. You can also work with agencies who will take care of everything.

You can use TikTok’s power in many ways, including:

* Growth for your TikTok account. Creators are able to spice up your video feed and tell your brand’s story in a unique way. It can be a great idea to share an announcement with them if you have an exciting one.
* Create engaging video ads Brands can now access TikTok For Business which offers a variety of marketing solutions. You can make your ads more powerful by inviting creators to participate in them.

Promoting your brand to their account:

Influencers are great ambassadors. However, they must also offer value to their audiences. When pitching for a collaboration, consider what type of incentive you could offer, such as a promo code or exclusive access.
Be sure to consider the following important indicators before you make a decision about forming a partnership: creators’ ability to align with brands, high engagement rates, and creation of content that is TikTok-style.

TikTok will be the future of content.

TikTok quickly realised the importance of creators and launched several monetization strategies early on, giving users the ability to decide the platform’s value. Engaging with the people who make waves on the platform is a great way for you to build a strong presence.

This is crucial for the future of TikTok, which has the ambitious goal to become the No. TikTok is the number one shopping app. With brands such as Walmart exploring this space, live shopping is expected to be the future industry. There are many opportunities to explore, including shoppable ads and shoppable live streams.