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Tips For Winning With Twitter

Do you think Twitter could be a great way to grow your business? It’s an excellent platform for brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retailers, with 53% using Twitter to “more likely” to be the first to purchase new products. Effectively using Twitter requires a bit of planning, just like with any solid marketing campaign.

Understand Your Audience

Social media is best when you use platforms that your target audience uses. Understanding your customers is the first step. Twitter is no different. Just like Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok are popular with some users, Twitter is also more popular among others. Cross-reference Twitter’s user base with your target audience before you start your Twitter efforts. The median age of U.S. adult Twitter users is 40. The majority of adult U.S. users of Twitter are between the ages of 30 and 49. Next is the 18-29 age group. women are most likely to be the most active Twitter users. This sounds like your target audience.

Optimise your Profile

Your Twitter profile optimization starts with adding a link back to your company’s site, creating a bio, and uploading a clear logo. These are the steps that my company takes before we launch any Twitter campaigns. Make sure you showcase your brand and products with a catchy header image on your profile page.
This is particularly important for small businesses. Lastly, be careful about choosing your Twitter handle. As much as possible, match your handle with other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Consistency in branding is key to ensuring consumers find you easily on social media. Now it’s time to start tweeting after optimizing your profile.

Schedule and Test Your Tweets

Scheduling your tweets will save you time and make it easier to determine when your audience is most interested in your messages. While there are many paid tools that can be used to schedule tweets for you, Twitter offers two free platforms: TweetDeck and Twitter Ads. TweetDeck lets you not only schedule tweets but also manage messages and view your notifications. Twitter Ads allows you to schedule tweets and doubles up as an advertising tool. However, it is not mandatory. Both are free but Twitter Ads require that you add a credit card in order to be able to promote a tweet. We’ll discuss this later.
Test your tweets! If you are tweeting but your intended customers don’t have access to Twitter, Twitter won’t help you grow your business. To schedule your tweets within that timeframe, you need to know when your audience uses Twitter most. Perhaps they use Twitter more in the afternoon than in the morning. You might think they are too busy with work and family matters during the week so their weekend tweets reach them less often. You can schedule a series of tweets and track the analytics to see which ones work well. Analytics…

Use Twitter Analytics

It is important to track what works and what doesn’t work when you use Twitter to grow your business. First, you need to define the success of your Twitter campaign. These key performance indicators include brand awareness, clicks to your site, leads, phone calls, whitepaper downloads, and email sign-ups. While you want to track the revenue generated by your business, it is important to also track vanity metrics (reach) as well as actionable metrics (conversions).
You can review and change the timing of your tweets, messaging, hashtags, or call to action (what you are asking consumers to do) if you don’t meet your goals. Next, review your Twitter analytics again to determine what worked and what didn’t.
Tweets sometimes need some extra support in order to reach new audiences. Promoted tweets are a great way to do this.


Twitter allows advertisers to target tweets based on interest, gender, and location. Keywords, keywords, device, language, and even how similar your followers are to you. You can also remarket advertising to people who have shown interest in your product. You may already know your audience on Twitter at this point. However, narrowing down your target demographic to a specific group can save money and reduce the need to spend on advertising that reaches people who are unlikely to be interested in your product.
Keyword targeting and interest based on product verticals can make your ad more effective. If you are selling organic dog treats, targeting people who talk to their dogs or show interest in pet products and dog treats can give your tweet the chance to reach this audience. It is important to include location-based targeting, especially if your target audience is limited. Just as with non-promoted tweets you should test the messaging, call to action, and offer with different tweets and analyze the results.

No matter if you are a brick-and-mortar or e-commerce retailer, a well-planned and planned Twitter campaign can drive new business. Just as with traditional media or any other digital platform, you should plan, test, and adapt your content as necessary.